Empowering our Employees

We feel it’s important to invest in our staff and provide an opportunity to upskill themselves. We recently signed up our staff for the Basic Sewing Course at Themba Training. Learning this skill helps provide more context for their jobs at The Fabric Centre, giving them valuable insight into our customer’s projects. 

In the course, Themba Training touches on interpersonal life skills as well as customer service and moves onto hand stitching techniques, orientation to a sewing machine, learning the basic machine stitches and in the end assembling a pincushion as well as a bag. 

Not only did each individual staff member walk away with a self-made product, but a network to come back to and work on their skills in the Sewing Cafe. In times like these, it’s even more important to take the time to invest in your staff. Programmes like these give our employees motivation, dignity and it creates an opportunity to acquire a marketable skill they can use to support their families and community.

To find out more about this incredible initiative or to get involved visit www.hope.org.za/training

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