Empowering our Employees

We feel it’s important to invest in our staff and provide an opportunity to upskill themselves. We recently signed up our staff for the Basic Sewing Course at Themba Training. Learning this skill helps provide more context for their jobs at The Fabric Centre, giving them valuable insight into our customer’s projects.  In the course, Themba […]

Donation to The Ark

Hi Andrew We need to revamp this room because it is in terrible condition.  It is the intake room where we accommodate women who come off the streets or are brought in by the police.  Some of these women have been raped and abused so we need to make it more pleasant. Last year an […]


Both Andrew Groves, the owner of Fabric Centre in Somerset West, and Lindi-Leigh Erasmus, the manager of Cape Coaters in Epping have been exceptionally accommodating in that they provide the materials at rock bottom prices. In fact, in some cases they are passing materials to us at cost price, in other words without making a profit

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